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New for August 2022!

Sara Jane Trattner’s new collection

Widow Crane

In her latest poetry chapbook, Trattner expands her palette to mix pop culture, religion, and politics into her reliable frankness about the struggles and pitfalls of intimacy, further strengthening her growing reputation as a unique and arresting writer.

Sara Jane Trattner

Rikki Santer

Chuck Salmons

Sara Trattner's chapbook IN SERVICE, shines with a keen and sometimes painful awareness of the expectations that lurk in the grit of personal relationships and workplaces.

Rikki Santer's KAHIKI REDUX captures the memorable nuances of this pop-culture icon that for decades brought delight and pride to the Columbus culinary landscape.

In STARGAZER SUITE, Chuck Salmons reveals the continuing sense of wonder that marks an awareness of our place in the natural world and the cosmos.

Steve Abbott

Steve Abbott's A LANGUAGE THE IMAGE SPEAKS explores the dynamics of poetry in response to visual art. Using paintings, color and black-and-white photographs, and other visual images by a range of artists & photographers, Abbott brings a fresh dimension to both literary and visual experience. A delight for both the eye and the imagination.

Frank Richardson

The late Frank Richardson, professor emeritus of art history of The Ohio State University, had poems in The New Yorker, Saturday Review, and many other journals. WHAT REMAINS AND WHAT DISAPPEARS collects his best work covering 50 years of writing.

Fred Andrle

Fred Andrle’s new chapbook EVERY INSTANT OFFERING GRACE collects 19 poems from previous collections to offer meditations on the everyday in a voice that is reflective, wry, observant, insightful, and unapologetic in its gentleness and compassion for our shared and fallible humanity.